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Skepchick: Update, Plus Dating Advice by Rebecca Watson

If you haven’t been following this sitch, you should be - it is a prime example of how women are treated differently than men on these here innerwebs. In short: Rebecca Watson is a really smart, sassy woman philosopher (founder of — not so long ago, she was speaking at a skeptics convention about how to make women feel more welcome in the skeptic community, to which she encouraged people NOT TO sexualize women before speaking to them/hearing their thoughts… Common sense, right? I guess not so much - because following her speaking engagement and holding discourse on this topic in a bar (until 4am) some guy (who had been present both at the lecture and hotel) cornered her in the elevator of her hotel and asked her back to his room… This, of course, was a guy who had NEVER SPOKEN TO HER prior to that moment. Following this, Watson made a pretty innocent remark via a YouTube vlogcast, describing what happened and saying “Hey, you want more women in the skeptics community? Then don’t do that.”  And, as it is wont to do, the Internet exploded with vitriol, anger and misogynistic calls for Watson’s head on a platter… Including shitty comments from physicist Richard Dawkins. (WTF, seriously, Richard?) All-in-all, the response to her remark is pretty indicative of how women are treated differently than men in any (and most) Internet communities. This is her follow-up to the first vlog and I have to say, it’s f-ing brilliant! Kudos! My favorite quote from the comments is “Women are people. Treat them like people, not like potential cum-dumpsters.” It defies logic that this statement isn’t common sense. [Thanks to Lynne and Paul Taylor for telling me about this story…]


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